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Lily Olympia recognizes the key role that women play in positively transforming their families and communities. Women in many areas throughout Africa have often been marginalized and sidelined because of extreme poverty, lack of basic economic skills, socio-cultural beliefs, political circumstances, and traditional patriarchal leadership systems. However, the resilience and strength of these women in the face of extreme hardships faced are creating space for them to play more significant roles in the transformation of their livelihoods through economic development and financial stability.


Through group dynamics, saving, and investment training, Lily Olympia seeks to empower vulnerable women by donating piglets to organized women groups and vulnerable women like widows and the elderly. The piglets will be looked after and when they litter, these entrepreneurs will “pay it forward” by donating a pig to allow other program participants benefit from the Piglet Project. The individual farmers will grow them for multiplication and sell piglets to raise income. These women will work from their homes and market the piglets or mature pigs in their communities and local butchers.

As part of our program participants receive training sessions:

  • Proper care for pig and piglets

  • Feeding budget and planning

  • Market pricing and selling

Upon completion of session a small stipend and microloan is provided to aid in startup feeding cost and care. Our first cohort included four groups of 2 women, and 8 individuals from villages in Nakapinyi, Kasenge A, Kasenge B and Nabuti . Program participants received piglets with overwhelming joy and excitement. Donate today to help make an impact on these and future women entrepreneurs.

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