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Arlean Moore


Lily Olympia is a 501(c)(3) organization that started in 2020. Our mission is focused on providing access to quality education for impoverished women and children in Sub-Saharan Africa. After a trip to East Africa, our founder, Arlean Moore, decided to commit to providing education to children in the Village of Nakapinyi, Uganda. She went from personally sponsoring two children to sponsoring thirteen. The need was so great that she enlisted assistance from friends and family to sponsor more children; at this point, Lily Olympia was established and formalized.


During her travels to Uganda and Tanzania, Arlean saw the impoverished grappling with hunger, poor health, and limited opportunities. Still, she also saw beauty and strength in the land and the people.


Why the name Lily Olympia? It is symbolic of the beauty "Lily" and strength "Olympia" our founder witnessed in her travels. The name also pays homage to her Mother-in-Law, Lillie Moore, and her Mother, Ismay Olympia Lettsome, two women who would give of their last to help a child or woman in need.


The organization operates through its board of directors and donor base to volunteer time, talents, and financial support. Education is empowering.

Rose Mugabi is passionate about Ugandan women and children getting a quality education. Rose is Co-Founder of Lily Olympia Africa and orchestrates our Educational Sponsorship Program. She identified a need in Nakapinyi village in the Mukono district of Uganda, where there is no secondary school and overcrowded primary classes. She brought this need to a friend and partner in missions, and Lily Olympia was born from
their work.

In addition to her work as Co-Founder and Program Director of Lily Olympia, Rose is also Women’s Ministry Coordinator at Pastors’ Discipleship Network, Uganda. Over the last eleven years at PDN, she has seen over 1200 pastors’ wives and women of influence equipped with Biblical, business, and life skills.

Rose Khalayi Mugabi has been married to Pastor Peter Mugabi for the last 23 years and is blessed with five beautiful children. 

Rose has two master’s degrees, including a Masters in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary, California USA. As if not busy enough with her job, volunteer work, and family; Rose is currently working on her Doctor of Ministry in Church Ministryand Leadership at Lancaster Capital Seminary and Graduate school.

Rose Mugabi


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